International Cooperation and Bilateral Agreement Unit (ICBAU)


The International Cooperation and Bilateral Agreement Unit (ICBAU) is the unit responsible for the development of strong and sustainable partnerships at national, regional and international level with institutions similar in context to the Sudan Medical Specialization Board. In return, these partnerships foster international exchange, cooperation and mutual support thereby increasing the capacity of SMSB faculty and candidates and raising the Board's standard to international standards. 



Terms of Reference and Functions


1. Preparation of the Unit's annual action plan.

2. Facilitating the international recognition of SMSB's Councils.

3. Establishing sustainable partnerships with national and international NGOs in support of medical and scientific research for the amelioration of postgraduate medical education.

4. Broadcasting the activities and achievements of EDC in the international areas.

5. Strengthening cooperation with educational and training institutions and organizations at national, regional and international level through signed Memoranda of Understanding and Agreements.

6. Monitoring the operationalization of the action plans and agreements between SMSB and partner institutions, as well as follow-up on the completion of all tasks assigned to consultants.

7. Engaging SMSB's academic staff and faculty in national and international scientific/educational programs.

8. Organization of educational and scientific conferences, exhibitions, and workshops.


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