About EDC

In 2014, a major shift in the strategic directions of SMSB (SMSB Strategy 2014 – 2018) resulted in the establishment of the Educational Development Centre (EDC, 2014). EDC was introduced as an advisory and liaising body to provide technical support to the specialty Councils of SMSB in line with the strategic directions. Through its rich talent pool, EDC has been assigned with:

1. Reviewing the curricula and programs offered by the Councils. (Curricula and Programs Unit) 

2. Establishing constructive national, regional and international partnerships. (International Cooperation and Bilateral Agreement Unit)

3. Ensuring the continuous, quality training of the Councils’ candidates. (Quality Unit)

4. Promoting research and publications. (Research and Publications Unit)

5. Assisting the specialty Councils with building the capacity of faculty and staff. (Training and Development Unit)


Mission Statement

Provision of promotive educational programs and training, and development of the training and research process to cultivate competencies that comply with the Board's quality standards and accreditation framework.



1. Excellence and Innovation

2. Quality in Performance

3. Transparency

4. Professionalism 

5. Team work 

6. Accountability 

7. Ethics and High Professional Morals 

8. Sustainability and Continuous Development 


Objectives of EDC

1. To develop curricula specifically tailored for the specialty Councils and all other programs of professional development that are in accordance with the pool of rich and up-to-date information within EDC and the mandate and strategic directions of SMSB.

2. To elevate the academic performance and core competences of SMSB's faculty and staff in the field of medical education by means of innovative methods of teaching, instruction and evaluation (i.e. examinations) besides others.

3. To provide technical support and guidance to the candidates and faculty members of SMSB and the health/medical field in general who are undertaking, conducting or completing their research.

4. To fulfill the accepted standards and credentials of the national, regional and international administrative and academic arenas.

5. To provide training workshops and activities to candidates, faculty and staff from within SMSB and outside.

6. To attract technical support and funding for the activities of EDC and to become a globally recognized centre for educational development.

7. To collaborate and coordinate in areas of mutual interest with other EDCs subservient to the World Health Organization (WHO), faculties of medicine, and similar institutions/councils/boards internationally

8. To provide trainees with the knowledge, skills and core competences necessary for promoting their professional performance and efficiency in their chosen health/medical fields.


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