Academic Affairs Secretariat (AAS)

The Academic Affairs Secretariat (AAS) is responsible for all of the scientific affairs and academic activities related to SMSB's trainers and trainees. AAS is mandated with the development, revision, amendment and implementation of the academic programs and regulations of SMSB, while also acting as the advisory and coordinating body for all of SMSB's specialty Councils. 

AAS executes the following terms of reference and functions:

1. Accreditation of training centers to increase the pool of trainers and training sites for SMSB's trainees. 

2. Provision of a suitable educational environment, resources and accredited trainers and training sites for completion of the clinical practice and field work of SMSB's trainees with the highest quality and in accordance with the foundation of medical education. 

The training programs that are regulated by AAS include a series of examinations which the candidates must successfully complete (entrance exam, Part One examination, and Part Two examination). These examinations are coordinated and offered by AAS periodically and with the highest standards possible. AAS also assesses the trainees throughout the duration of their training programs to ensure that they are eligible to earn the Clinical Doctorate (MD) Degree that is awarded to the candidates upon successful completion of their respective programs. 

Accordingly, AAS consists of the following sections:

1. Specialized Councils and Academic Activities

2. State Councils 

3. Trainees and Examinations 

4. Training Centers and Trainers 


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