General Administration and Finance Secretariat (GAFS)

The General Administration and Finance Secretariat (GAFS) is one of the most important Secretariats within SMSB. The principal role of GAFS is to ensure the continuous provision and adequacy of all of the financial funds and human resources needed for the effective and smooth operation of SMSB's different sectors and departments. The resulting positive environment that is generated by the scope of GAFS work contributes to the skill development of SMSB's staff, raising the standard and efficiency of their performance, and monitoring and evaluating their overall achievements.

GAFS is further mandated with the following duties:

1. Overseeing the implementation of and compliance with the bylaws, rules, and regulations of SMSB. 

2. Preparation of the annual budget.

3. Follow through with the implementation of SMSB's projects ensuing their endorsement. 

4. Liaising and coordinating with all and any of the authorities and bodies relevant to SMSB's mandate and functions to secure the funds and resources required for running SMSB. 

Accordingly, the GAFS is sub-divided into three sections:

1. Administration Affairs

2. Finance Affairs

3. Human Resources


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