Admission and Registration Secretariat (ARS)


The Office of the Registrar (otherwise known as, the Admission and Registration Secretariat (ARS)) is one of the fundamental pillars of the Sudan Medical Specialization Board. The chief responsibility of this Office is to facilitate and enhance the registration process and related administrative procedures for the candidates of SMSB. The use of the latest available technological and electronic facilities facilitate the daily smooth running of the registration services.


The duties of ARS are not only limited to the admission and registration of the candidates, but also include monitoring and documenting their progress and their activities in the various stages of their formal training. In this manner, the ARS succeeds in creating an ambience of academic excellence in student services and expertise in handling all transactions and procedures related to the candidate’s admission, registration and academic progress throughout the duration of her/his training.


Accordingly, the ARS consist of the following three sections:

  1. Admission and Registration Section
  2. Examinations and Follow Up Section
  3. Certificates Issuing Section


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