Planning and Information Technology Secretariat (PITS)

The Planning and Information Technology Secretariat (PITS) is mandated with developing SMSB's strategy in light of its strategic directions. PITS is responsible for contriving the annual and five-year plans of SMSB while also monitoring and evaluating their effective implementation through periodic performance reports submitted by all of SMSB's departments. PITS also approves the bylaws, rules and regulations that are essential to achieving the Board's strategic objectives. 

Other duties of PITS include:

1. Advisory support in all matters related to planning and the development of SMSB's plans. 

2. Provision of a cognitively stimulating environment to support decision-making. 

3. Ensuring the availability of state-of-the-art information technology resources and services to enable the erection of a robust and holistic data system of endorsed and reliable information, which in return will support the process of planning, decision-making, and provision of quality training and all other services to SMSB faculty, staff and candidates. 

Accordingly, PITS is sub-divided into four sub-departments:

1. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation 

2. Information Technology

3. Electronic and Distance Learning 

4. Statistics and Documentation 


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