Board of Trustees



# Name Title
1. Dr. Moawia Alsadig Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Council
2. Dr. Babiker Jabir Kablo Head of Nephrology Council
3. Dr. Alrasheed Ahmed Abdalla Head of General Surgery Council
4. Dr. Abdalla Mahgoub Head of Respiratory Medicine Council
5. Dr. Othman Khalafalla Head of Gastroenterology Council
6. Dr. Omer Alameen Muhammad Kheir Head of Paediatric Surgery Council
7. Dr. Osama Murtada Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Council
8. Dr. Abdelrahman Muhammad Arbab Head of Neurosurgery Council
9. Dr. Alneel Ahmed Muhammad Ali Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Council
10. Dr. Abdelraouf Ahmed Abdalla Sharfi Head of Urology Council
11. Dr. Sameer Shaheen Head of Trauma and Orthopaedics Council
12. Dr. Omer Zayid Baraka Head of Internal Medicine Council
13. Dr. Abdelghani Alsheikh Head of Psychiatry Council
14. Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Abdalla Head of Paediatrics and Child Health Council
15. Dr. Haidar Abu-Hamad Head of Community Medicine Council
16. Dr. Muhammad Altayyib Adam Head of Emergency Medicine Council
17. Dr. Abdelnasir Ahmed Abuzeid Head of Family Medicine Council
18. Dr. Mamoun Mirghani Head of Ophthalmology Council
19. Dr. Yahya Altayyib Head of Periodontology Council
20. Dr. Yousif Alameen Abdelgadir Head of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Council
21. Dr. Abdalla Muhammad Alhassan Abdelaziz Head of Pharmacology Council 
22. Dr. Hashim Hassan Erwa Head of Clinical Immunology Council
23. Dr. Mutasim Ahmed Alsayyid Head of Diagnostic and Radiology Imaging Council
24. Dr. Alsheikh Mahgoub Head of Clinical Microbiology Council
25. Dr. Othman Muhammad Mustafa Head of Otohinolaryngology Council 
26. Dr. Safialdeen Alnour Ali Head of Dermatology and Venereology Council
27. Dr. Kamal Hamad Head of Clinical Oncology Council
28. Dr. Muhammad Saeed Khalifa

a) Head of Cardiac Surgery Council

b) Head of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Council


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