Obstetrics and Gynaecology Council


Head of Council: Dr. Moawia Alsadig

Deputy Head of Council: Dr. Duria Abdelwahab Alrayis 

Rapporteur: Professor Taha Ambali 

Degree Awarded: Clinical MD (Doctor of Medicine) 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Faculty Members

Term: 2014 - 2017


Name  Title 
1. Dr. Moawia Alsadig Humeida Head of Council 
2.  Dr. Duria Abdelwahab Alrayis Deputy Head of Council 
3.  Professor Taha Ambali Ahmed Rapporteur
4. Professor Muhammad Ahmed Ali Elsheikh  Member 
5. Professor Abdelatif Ashmaig Member 
6. Professor Othman Muhammas Hassanein Member 
7. Professor Abdelmutalab Muhammad Ahmed Adam  Member 
8. Professor Abdalla Mahgoub Member 
9.  Dr. Majid Salahaldeen Abubakr Member 
10.  Professor Muhammad Ahmed Abdelgadir Alimam Member 
11.  Dr. Alqoni Abdelrahim Alradi  Member 
12.  Dr. Nayla Abusalih Member 
13.  Dr. Salah Ismail Abdelrahman Khairi   Member 
14.  Dr. Salah Ibrahim Abdelrahman  Member 
15.  Dr. Marwan Ibrahim Omer  Member 
16. Dr. Tayseer Alrasheed Diab Member 
17.  Dr. Khalid Yaseen Muhammad Ahmed  Member 
18.  Dr. Ali Othman Ali Mansour  Member 
19.  Dr. Abdalla Kanaan Ahmed Muhammad  Member 
20.  Dr. Wisal Omer Nabag Member 
21.  Dr. Khatir Tubai  Member 
22.  Dr. Salah Hassan Hussein   Member 
23.  Dr. Hamid Awad Alkareem  Member 
24.  Dr. Samia Abdelrahman Khairi  Member 
25.  Dr. Siddig Babikir Ali Alrawi  Member 
26.  Professor Omer Ahmed Mirghani  Member 
27.  Professor Sayid Muhammad Ahmed Alhaj Suleiman  Member 
28.  Professor Saad Alnaeem Dafaalla Muhammad  Member 
29.  Dr. Alsir Ibrahim Khalid  Member 
30.  Professor Alhassan Muhammad Alhassan Ishaq  Member 
31.  Dr. Sumaya Khalafalla  Member 
32.  Lieutenant General Dr. Faisal Jalal Abdelaziz Satti  Member 
33.  Dr. Ahmed Abdelrahman Shiddo  Member 
34.  Dr. Kamal Abdelgadir Ahmed  Member 


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