Ophthalmology Council


Head of Council: Professor Mamoun Mirghani

Deputy Head of Council: Dr. Muhammad Nour Hassan

Rapporteur: Dr. Samira Muhammad Ibrahim

Degree Awarded: Clinical MD (Doctor of Medicine)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Faculty Members

Term: 2014 - 2017


# Name Title
1. Professor Mamoun Mirghani Head of Council
2. Dr. Muhammad Nour Hassan Deputy Head of Council
3. Dr. Samira Muhammad Ibrahim Rapporteur
4. Dr. Alfatih Alfadul Bushara Member
5. Dr. Dafaalla Ahmed Dafaalla Muhammad Member
6. Dr. Mahgoub Abbashar Saleem Member
7. Dr. Alsarra Muhammad Alhassan Member
8. Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelhameed Member
9. Dr. Muhammad Abdeen Alameen Member
10. Dr. Muhammad Almustafa Ali Hassan Alsaraj Member
11. Lieutenant General Dr. Bushra Abdalla Muhammad  Member
12. Dr. Abdelgadir Alsaouri Member
13. Dr. Awad Hassan Muhammad Ahmed Member
14. Dr. Abdelbaqi Muhammad Ahmed Member
15. Dr. Isamaldeen Elsiddig Babiker Member
16. Dr. Afaf Siralkhatim Aljizouli Member
17. Dr. Sarah Hamid Abdalla Ahmed Member
18. Dr. Abdelrafi Alameen Member
19. Dr. Kamal Hashim Binnawi Member
20. Dr. Tariq Omer Muhammad Altayyib Member
21. Dr. Amal Oun Alshareef Gasim Member


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