Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Council 


Head of Council: Dr. Yousif Alameen Abdelgadir

Deputy Head of Council: Dr. Amnah Mustafa Ali

Rapporteur: Dr. Hind Ajabani 

Degree Awarded: Clinical MD (Doctor of Medicine) 


Faculty Members

Term: 2014 - 2017


 Name  Title
1.  Dr. Yousif Alameen Abdelgadir   Head of Council
2.  Dr. Amnah Mustafa Ali  Deputy Head of Council 
3.  Dr. Hind Ajabani  Rapporteur
4.  Dr. Sayid Abdelmonim Alsha'ar  Member
5.  Dr. Magdi Hassan Alsayid Mulah   Member
6.  Dr. Alnuman Muhammad Ahmed Malik   Member
7.   Dr. Adil Muhammad Mustafa  Member
8.   Dr. Rajbiya Khidir Muhammad Ibrahim  Member
9.  Dr. Muhammad Kamal Aldeen Abdallah Dafaallah   Member
10.  Dr. Omer Muhammad Aldirdiri  Member
11.  Dr. Ansiya Babiker  Member
12.  Dr. Sami Adam Kuku  Member
13.  Lieutenant General Dr. Ahmed Ali Khalid Muhammad   Member
14.  Dr. Ahmed Alsafi   Member
15.  Dr. Zeinab Mustafa Musa   Member
16.  Dr. Hadab Ahmed Muhammad  Member
17.  Dr. Ilham Fatah Alaleem Muhammad Khalid  Member
18.  Dr. Ahmed Ali Salim  Member
19.  Dr. Manal Abbas  Member
20.  Dr. Yousif Alshareef Alhindi   Member
21.  Dr. Emad Abdelmageed   Member
22.  Dr. Alaa Hassan Younis  Member
23.  Dr. Kamil Mirghani Shabaan  Member




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