Wad Madani Training Centre

Centre Madani TrainingWad
Centre type Multiple specializations
Centre Manager Prof. Mohammed Alemam Mohammed Ahmed
Administrative Supervisor Mr.Yasir Abdelhamed
Secretary Suaad Alfatih
Centre Specializations
General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Pediatric & Child Health
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Anesthesia and Intensive Care
ENT (Ear Nose Throat)
Dermatology & Venereology
Diagnostic Radiology


Madani Training Centre- General Surgery Specialization

Surgery program director: Dr.Ahmed Alamin Elshiekh

Madani Teaching Hospital-

Al-Managel Hospital-

Madani Police Hospital -

Al-Hasahesa Hospital-

Ibn Sena Hospital-

Madani Training Centre- Internal Medicine Specialization

Madani Teaching Hospital-

Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital-

Shaab Teaching Hospital- x

Al-Gezira Cardiac Centre-

Ibn Sena Hospital-

Al-Managel Hospital-

Medical Military Hospital-

Al-Obaied Hospital-

Dungola Hospital-

Madani Police Hospital-

Khartoum Dermatology Hospital-

Radiation and Isotope Centre Madani-

Madani Training Centre- OBGYN Specialization

Including Gezira State hospitals-

Madani Teaching Hospital-

Madani Police Hospital-

Al-Hasahesa Hopsital-

Rufaa Hospital-

Al-Managel Hospital-

Tambool Hospital-


   -Any registrar is required to work for one year in Khartoum State during the last two shifts (7and 8) in order to attend workshops relevant to the final exam and to sit the thesis exam.

   -It is prohibited to work in the same hospital for more than three shifts (continuous or intermittent).

Madani Training Centre- Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialization-

Madani Training Centre- ENT Specialization-

Madani Training Centre- Dermatology & Venereology Specialization-

Madani Training Centre- Urology Specialization-

Madani Training Centre- Diagnostic Radiology Specialization-




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