The Sudan Medical Specialization Board wishes to initiate the policy of delegation and enforce thecountry's policy in developing medical services in the states

The SMSB has developed training centres in the states to serve the goals regarding providing health services  and training registrars in the states  that will greatly participate in a clear way via .providing health personnel in the states

Training Centre

.Comprised of hospitals  and accredited training sites with accredited training units assigned for training of trainees according to set policies, criteria, regulations and curricula of SMSB

Training Centre Activities

  1. Supervision of registrar allocation in hospital affiliated centres
  2. Training supervision
  3. Qualifying courses for accredited trainers and registrars
  4. Hold continuous assessment activities

Training Centres Goals

  1. Expand the training base
  2. Achieve quality training and its outputs
  3. Distribution of trainees in the states
  4. Development of health services by coordination and role integration with the states Ministries of Health to activate the role of partners in the areas of training and health services

Basic principles

  1. Link training to service and service to training
  2. Social responsibility
  3. The coordination and integration of roles

Reason for Training Centers

  1. Training quality
  2. Training capacity
  3. Health services
  4. Procedures and transactions
  5. Supervision
  6. Monitoring and evaluation
  7. Accreditation of training facilities
  8. Integration and coordination of roles

Reconfiguration of SMSB’s role:

  1. Transformation from management and delivery of training to governance and training accreditation
  2. Curricula, rules and regulations
  3. Insurance of quality and accreditation
  4. Examinations
  5. Joint activities
  6. Information and databases
  7. Monitoring and evaluation

Expected results from policy enforcement of training centers:

  1. Horizontal and vertical expansion of training
  2. Quality and efficiency development
  3. Promotion and development of health care
  4. Effective governance of training

Director of Training Centre:

  1. Under the umbrella of SMSB technically and administratively
  2. Implements various regulations, directives and policies of the SMSB in training
  3. Council rapporteur of training Centre
  4. Ease the centers work
  5. Is free of any other administrative duties

Specialty supervisor:

  1. Member of the Centre’s council and implements directives and regulations of the Council (academic training, specialty council’s regulations, others)
  2. Administratively under the umbrella of the Centre’s Director and technically under Council President of the said specialty.
  3. Give a proposal regarding trainer accreditation and follow up with their accreditation procedures.
  4. Certification of trainee record after the approval of the academic supervisor
  5. Ensure update of the trainee record in the central database
  6. Trainee distribution according to said courses in the curricula and training list after certification of the center’s council.

Hospital academic supervisor (specialty unit head in the hospital)

  1. Trainees will be allocated to their designated units by the specialty supervisor.
  2. Following up performance and the commitment of the trainees to activities according to the curricula.
  3. Involvement with trainers and relevant bodies to evaluate the trainees performance.
  4. May supervise a maximum of 10 trainees
  5. Has the authority to add supervisors

Technical relation between the specialty council and the training Centre






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